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Photo by SKC Photography


About Ashley Greer

More is more, but let's keep it simple ;)

In January of 2017, after over 10 years of designing for some of D.C.'s top florists, and six months after the birth of my son Finnley, I decided it was time to venture out on my own and create a new kind of floral experience.

The intention is to have an experience based on relationships and trust and to build a relationship which does not end at the conclusion of your event.  

If you're interested in learning behind the scenes techniques and tips, you can follow along with my instagram stories and see what I am up to and inspired by.

By nature, my favorite venues are those that are historically elegant and ornate and usually incorporate an outdoor garden space.  I don't love a raw space or blank canvas, please give me some crown molding!

I think this is because I am not an "event production" company, I am an artisan florist focused primarily on creating the most beautiful floral compositions you have ever seen.

I know in an age of online and one-stop shopping, it can be frustrating to source your flowers and rental decor from two places.  I get it.  But if flowers are important and special to you, I can tell you the few extra moments you spend will make a huge difference in the end result.

So, if you consider yourself a nice person, want to be excited about your flowers and are looking for a meaningful human connection please send me a text or an email.  I would love to get to know you.


Ah - till -eee- yay!

Atelier is so hard to say! It is so hard to spell!  Why on earth would someone like me (the worst speller EVER!) choose such a name?

It is because of its meaning and connotation.  Atelier means studio or craftsman's workshop.  There is a connotation about the old world when "crafts" were taken beyond seriously and led by a master in their field.  While I am not quite sure I have approached master status yet, my core values and principles align with those of a master.  I value quality and detail above quantity and am continually striving to improve and innovate within my field.


Ashley's Floral Timeline


Laura Dowling: (2010 to present) Freelanced for her at The White House.  Created some killer bouquets! Learned about Catherine Muller, Gregor Lersch and Garden Style Design. Joined Laura’s Floralien Ghent team in Belgium to work on her installation.  This project was later featured in her new book, Floral Diplomacy at The White House.  Continue to assist her with awesome projects, most recently presenting with Laura at The Philadelphia Flower Show's Designer Studio.

AIFD: (2007 to present) American Institute of Floral Design. Attended first symposium in Chicago.  Became inspired by Hitomi Gilliam AIFD and enlightened to the magical possibilities of flowers! Attained CFD status, certified floral designer.

The Enchanted Florist:  (2011 to 2017) Flourished.  Traveled for my first solo destination wedding in France. Became part of a floral family. Got married. Studied with Gregor Lersch. Studied with Catherine Muller in Paris. Visited the world's largest flower auction in Aalsmeer. Had a baby, Finnley. Dreamt of creating my own vision for wedding florals. Started Atelier Ashley Flowers.

Helen Olivia: (2006 to 2011) First serious designer position. Moved to Old Town, Alexandria. Trained under the watchful eyes of Marriane Raub and Antje Wood.  Completed my first solo wedding.  Designed for The Vice President's Residence and The State Department.  Designed silk arrangements for The Speaker of the House at the Capitol. Met my future husband Will Willis.  

College: Pomona College in Claremont, CA.  Wandering through the organic garden. Cutting Roses and Freesia from the Scripps. Picking citrus from the Pitzer orchards. Working part time at an English garden shop, Wisteria Grove. Apparently not studying as much as I should have been. Graduated.

First Job: A whistle carrying lifeguard… then a florist's helper at Chevy Chase Florist.

Childhood: Dreaming. Cutting the mailbox pansies. Endless hours outside. Imagining. Getting Sunburned. Helping my father in the garden.  Treasuring my Grandmother’s tinfoil garden rose bouquets. Attending Holton-Arms School for Girls wondering why Bearded Iris and Azaleas die so quickly?


Got Questions? Text : 301.648.8181 or Write: