Tropical Vibes for the  Latino Student Fund  in 2012

Tropical Vibes for the Latino Student Fund in 2012

Charitable Donations

Giving back is so important and I am always willing to help when and how I can.  Causes that really inspire me usually have to do with educating women, but not exclusively.

If you need an arrangement for a silent auction, please feel free to email me with the date and specifics. (Note: You will most likely need to pick this up from me).

One other auction item available twice a year in January and March is a 10 person "Wine and Design" party.  Please see the "Wine and Design" page for further details about what is included. Pre-school, elementary and high-school auctions are excluded from this offering.

 I am not a large corporation, so most likely I am unable to sponsor your entire gala.  What I can do, twice a year is a charity event that is very close to cost.  Currently I have one more opening for 2018.

I am not a miracle worker, but do promise to do my best to help your vision come to life.

Please email me at with the subject "Charitable Donation - Event title."

PS. If you are a florist friend and doing an event at cost, send me an email, if I am available I would be happy to donate some of my time:)