Work. Work. Work. Work. Work.

(Can you hear Rhianna in your head too?)

As a designer working in retail floral for more than 10 years, I learned how to design in every style, color and price point. I also learned how to listen.

One of my strengths as a designer is having the ability to take a vague description or idea of what a client wants and being able to turn it into floral reality. I have actually started calling myself a floral mind reader.

Maybe you’re looking for a clean or modern design as a way to signal your company’s forward thinking culture. I can do that! Maybe you’re inspired by designs you’ve seen on Instagram or Pinterest and want to build on a trend. I can do that too! Or maybe you’re not sure what you want but need some creative ideas to make your next event feel freshly polished. Creativity is my specialty!

So let’s start with a conversation. Whether you need 50 centerpieces, a couple of podium arrangements or something special for your VIPs, I will listen to you and design something that represents your corporate brand and style with the most beautiful flowers.

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