Venue Walk Throughs, Just Do It!

I think it is no secret that I am a curious, curious person and I love new information!  

So, since I finally made the decision to start a company of my own I have been emailing and meeting with some of D.C.'s top wedding professionals.  Let me tell you, it has been FASCINATING! But, that is not what I am going to write about today.

Today, I wanted to share with you a little bit of advice that Janice Carnevale of Bellwether Events gave me on one such a meeting, "Go to the Walk Throughs!"

Side note: Do you know Janice? She is lovely! Totally chill while remaining clued into the pulse of D.C.  She is one smart cookie! Plus, she seems to know all the key players.  Check her out on Instagram.  Now back to your regularly scheduled blog :)

The walk through is an excellent time to really look at a space and see what can be added (or scratched) to enhance the experience.  

In the picture below, Sofia is hanging greenery to a light fixture at Restaurant Eve.  Even though I had been there a million times, I had never noticed that it would be a fun place for an installation if I hadn't gone on the walk through.

Photo of Sophia adding greenery by   Erin Tetterton

Photo of Sophia adding greenery by Erin Tetterton

A walk through is also a great time to meet the other vendors and coordinate how to make the day run as smoothy as possible.  

You can also tweak your color palette to make sure the florals and permanent room decor are integrated.  The burnt orange chairs definitely influenced the floral color scheme.

Restaurant Eve in all its dutch master glory by   Erin Tetterton

Restaurant Eve in all its dutch master glory by Erin Tetterton

So, the bottom line is, your event will only be better if you take the the time to schedule a venue visit with your florist!

Photos of Jennie's beautiful rehearsal dinner were shot by Erin Tetterton


Just in case you were wondering who is this fabulous photographer, Erin Tetterton? That is her at work in the pic below.  Pretty stinkin' cute right?! Erin currently lives in Alexandria and she #HatesWinter!  Erin also specializes in Cathedral Photography and love love loves the interplay of shadows and light.   She recently organized an artistic photoshoot that was Rococo inspired and featured on 100 Layer Cake. Also a mother, a painter and a lover or art, she is a multitalented! Thanks Erin:)

iPhone photo by Ashley

iPhone photo by Ashley

Another little note of thank you to my amazing bride Jennie for letting me be a part of her Old Town wedding weekend, and letting us photograph and share her pictures!