DIY Cranberries for your Holiday Table

As a floral designer, the holidays are busy, busy, busy! So it may or may not surprise you that sometimes I opt for a non floral centerpiece. If you find yourself short on time, or maybe not in the mood to spend $$$ on decor, try this easy DIY cranberry craft to decorate your mantle, table, or even power room.

All photos by  SKC Photography

All photos by SKC Photography


Step 1: Gather.

1 Candle

1 Vase or clear bowl


Holiday Greens


Step 2: Fill

Pour cranberries about 1/4 into your container.


Step 3: Layer

When you have a base of cranberries, place in your candle and some holiday greens. Continue to pour the cranberries all around the candle.


Step 4: Enjoy!

Light your candle and call it a day!


Place just a single vase or groupings of different sizes and quantities, The bright red berries give instant impact!

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