Washington, D.C. Wedding Style: What Do Boutonnieres and Corsages Look Like?

I have so many photos of bouquets, but when it comes to boutonnieres and corsages I actually have very few images.  So here are a few I have pulled together. Some taken by professionals and some just taken by me! Enjoy and feel free to reach out if you have any questions.

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When Should I Book My Florist?

I know the temptation to rush out and choose every vendor for your day is real.  Instead, consider relaxing just a beat and make a few key decisions first.

1. Do you need full wedding coordination or just month-of or day-of?

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Mindful Foraging

Last week I found myself outside walking around looking for goodies to cut. Living in a city, not the countryside, has taught me to be very mindful of what I cut and how I cut it.  

As I was snipping away, I was inspired to share my thoughts about the subject of foraging on my Insta Stories.  Here is a quick recap in case you missed it.

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